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“Rose Of Mother Of Pearl and other tales”, English translation


“Heavenly River and other tales” , Slovak translation


In this melting-pot of her literary expertise, she offers more than a simple variation on a theme: like Borges, she uses it as a steppingstone for imagination, as a logic association which is sometimes narrowly noticeable. For instance, Grozdana Olujić combines her “Light blue river” (“Nebeska reka”) to the legend on the origin of the rainbow; the world of magical creatures is enriched by the presence of a boy who gets transformed into a water drop; her light blue deer enters the world of the light blue bird, swan, rabbit; the tale on the golden crab is based on the story of the golden fish; the tale on the prince who becomes a frog has its counterpart in the tale of the water lily…

Grozdana Olujić is a very skillful author, but her imagination is so fine-tuned that she makes her fantasies very persuasive: this is always the case for all the real tales’ writers. She also shows an enviable degree of literary culture and unwinds her narrative thread effortlessly. As well as she had previously been compared to Françoise Sagan for her first novel, now, after the tales’ books, she becomes the Yugoslavian Astrid Lindgren.

M. Vitezović, Yugoslav Author Agency.


“The Stone That Flaw and other tales” (“Kamen koji je leteo i druge bajke”), Belgrade: BIGZ, 2002.


“The Elf Secret and other tales” (“Vilenjakova tajna i druge bajke”), Belgrade: SKZ, 2003.


“Snow Flower and other fairy tales” (“Snežni cvet i druge bajke”), Belgrade: Bookland, 2004.


“The pillow that remembered the dreams and other tales” (“Jastuk koji je pamtio snove i druge bajke”), Belgrade, Bookland, 2007.


“Oldana’s Gardens” (“Oldanini vrtovi”), Belgrade: Bookland, 2008.



“Collected tales” (“Sabrane bajke”), curated by Zorana Opačić, Biblioteka Mali princ – little prince’s library, vol. 1, Belgrade: Pedagogy Faculty, 2011.


Footnote: Collections of tales have been published in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, China, Taiwan, Slovenia, Macedonia, India (in English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Oriya), Israel, the USA, Great Britain, Greece, Romania, Turkey. They have also been translated in Ruthenian and Hungarian. Two tales have been translated in Italian.


Fairy tale novel:


“Stellar Wanderers” (“Zvezdane lutalice”), Belgrade: Prosveta, 1987.

Olujić gives the impression of shaping her tales mostly for adult readers, who can easily imagine traveling through celestial landscapes just like the hero of this book, the young Marko. This boy’s purchase of the “silver rose which contains a forgotten and lost word” can be compared to the quest for the Holy Grail. Notwithstanding the different circumstances, the aim of the myth and of the celestial wondered voyage is the same: finding the answers to moral dilemmas. The answers that can be obtained are similar, even if necessarily lowered to the level of children’s comprehension.

Vasa D. Mihailović

World Literature Today, vol. 62, n. 3 (1988), p. 480.


Futher reissues:


“Stellar Wanderers” (“Zvezdane lutalice”), Belgrade: Bookland, 2002.

“Stellar Wanderers” (“Zvezdane lutalice”), Cacak: Pcelica, 2011.

Editions of the tales’ selection:


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Fairy tales to be found outside the collections:


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